Container Homes

ModBox Steel Frame homes are built using the strength of a shipping container home as a starting structure to build a stronger manufactured home. The core of these homes are built using a welded steel frame and steel stud or wood studs to have the same durability and longevity as a shipping container home.

Designed and manufactured in-house, we are able to accommodate different lengths and widths for our client’s needs. Our exteriors are easily customizable to blend into whatever landscape might be around you.

Welcome home to a new way of living.

The possibilities are endless for the configuration and design of your shipping container home: imagine them as life-size Lego blocks and you will start to see the vast possibilities.

  • Build a single-level or multi-story building.
  • Place one in your backyard and then 10 years later move it somewhere new.
  • Easily add on to your container home as your family grows!